With all the complaints about kids playing "M" rated video games,
I thought some may find this interesting




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I heard that yesterday, and I have to agree. It's not the federal government's job to parent our kids.

I agree that its not the govs job to parent kids, but kind of feel that barring them from purchasing without a parent isn't too strict on freedom. I kind of think it strenghthens parental rights rather than weakening them.



I wonder though what kind of impact this could have on the movie industry.



I would think it would mean they would have to rework the rating system or allow kids to enter theaters for some r rated movies.



     I also saw an article yesterday where a woman complained about her child purchasing a specific "toy" in spencers and it raised a stink about a lot of the stuff they carried that were somewhat explicit. The local police stated that the items would be considered educational or works of art , and therefore didnt fall under the subject of pornography, therefore they didnt need to be kept from children.

I am a parent and pay close attention to what toys and games my kids will be playing. That is not to say that I would not allow them to play a GTA or COD M rated game when I feel they are old enough. A good parent teaches their children right from wrong and lets them know the violence portrayed on tv/movies and video games will not be tolerated IN REAL LIFE. Parents these days allow games and tv to be a babysitter for their children and then moan and complain when they see something offense on a game they purchased for their kid.

I agree that the parents or an adult as defined by law should have to make the call just like R rated movies.


And if this has been ruled by the Supreme Court to be a violation of the First Ammendment, then the movie rating system is no different. I am all for my kids needing my permission prior to entering an R rated movie or playing an M rated video game.


Of course all the Supreme Court did was state that they were allowed to purchase the game... In my house, it's my decision what my kids get to play and for how long they can play it. The only reprieve they are given is if they are spending bonding time with dad!


So I say let my children purchase whatever they so choose. What a nice lesson it will be when they get home and I decide how nice it was for them to purchase a game for me to play!

[quote user="The Junior V"]

So I say let my children purchase whatever they so choose. What a nice lesson it will be when they get home and I decide how nice it was for them to purchase a game for me to play!


Lol........... now thats good parenting .......






I'm not sure either exactly how this will work. It was a california law they struck down about violent games, but left intact the need for a parent to buy a game with "extreme violence" or "s*xually explicit". They also stated that there are not many of these type of games sold in the U.S.




I do wonder just how closely the game rating system is related to the movie rating system.

sorry being a parent i think this was a big mistake and glad its not in my country , just one of the things wrong in the usa system. Smacks of a lack of common sense sorry but  its like saying its OK for your kid. To go  to a porno movie or rent a porno DVD !, or extremely violence film. There is a reason for these laws to protect children,from themselves and others whop would take advantage of them. God give kids a chance to be kids is the way I look at it and this judgement is wrong .