Interesting things in gameplay trailer.

Hey everybody. This weekend I looked over the Bioshock Infinite gameplay trailer again. You're going to be surprised by what I found.  Well  there are two things I'd like to bring up. I heard a woman in the bar singing the lyrics to a ''Tears For Fears song''. As we all know ''Tears For Fears'' didn't even exist until 70 some odd years after the events of Infinite. In addition I saw The Hammer and the Sickle on a flag. As we all know Infinite takes place 5 years before the symbol was even created. These two things lead me to a theory, and while I'd like to share my theory I want your take on these two clues before I post it. So, what do  you think.


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Ah thank you. I never heard about this

That was a sick read, I wanna play this game so bad!

I wonder if you will be able to tear into Rapture.

I hope there is some kind of nod to rapture like a movie poster or something

Lol guys i know you love Rapture but cmon this is a whole different Bioshock in its self. Don't worry they are not done with the Rapture we all know and love to explore. But just give Rapture a break for now. Im looking forward to this as i always wanted a Bioshock to not be all...well destroyed because i am a freak when it comes to the 1940s-50s because it was such and awesome time period. Cant wait for Infinite.