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Ok .... y'all might find this boring, but I thought it was cool.


     Of course most people have had a situation where ( in dem esp) where teammates atart backing out and you wind up a couple vs a whole team.


     Well I was playing dem today and we were getting beaten  ....... not extremely bad, but we wernt doing well first round.


     Second round starts and suddenly there is a host migration ........... pretty normal ........ teammate being a sore looser.

     Well after the host migration, its me vs 5 ......... I thought about leaving, but decided to play it out just for shiggles.After 3 or 4 deaths with maybe one kill, I manage to plant, back off into the corner and see if I can at least get one .... who knows ... right?


     Just as the enmy team start rushing the bombsite, we get another host migration ... suddenly I have a whole lobby join up and level out the numbers.


     We wound up winning in overtime.


     I just found this pretty cool .... I stick around in situations like that knowing I'll lose, but its fun and challenging.Who'd have known the persistence would pay off. 


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Persistence and patience always pays off :) I been in a game in halo where almost the entire team quits and its just me and one other person, but we end up winning because one person is sniping and Im in a banshee, but in cod I never quit I always try, usually people join sooner or later anyways.

There is no honour lost in backing out.  Perhaps you are trying to do specific target you set.  I am one of those people who have to plan everything, even in a game.  Yes I concede when I simply do not care and say "frak it", I have fun and even play better.  


Sadly I am one of those middle grade officer planning types you see in a Oberbefehlshaber.  Not high enough to lose the ability to think of a Plan E when things fall apart, but not low enough to think of a Plan F when filthy communists have surrounded your position.  The mission target is considered important in my life.  Not sure why, never had an experience in my life to be this way.

I'm not saying there's anything wrong with backing out .... unless db.



I just like the added challenge of sticking with it when everyone (or most) have given up.



Not always a sensible move, especially irl .. but I do the same there too.



I just thought it was cool that suddenly a whole team came to the rescue. Previously when in that situation, I'd get one or two join, one or two leave .... and so on .