Interesting observation (And a forewarning for thieves)

During the quest for initiation into the Thieves guild, the one where you have to steal a ring and reverse pickpocket it onto a dark elf, I went on a stealing spree in that small market. Opening every lock I could and taking everything that wasn't nailed down. Later, as I'm fulfilling a contract for the Dark Brotherhood, bow drawn, poisoned to strike, a 3 man squad of "Hired Thugs" attack me from behind. I was able to kill them, but upon examining their bodies I grabbed a contract and read it. Apparently they'd been paid by Grelka, the armor merchant in that market from earlier, to kill me.

I wasn't caught when I stole this stuff either. I was able to talk to and barter with every merchant in the market with no issues whatsoever. But apparently somehow she found out. Just a warning to potential thieves, keep your wits about you.


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lmbo! That's too funny that npcs can put a hit out on you.

Were you able to talk to Grelka about the hit? That would be an interesting conversation.

yeah i heard of this happening.  I got the dark brotherhood after me at one point, they really did a good job with radiant story line in this random people delivering messages and the hit squads, great great stuff.

Yea, the court Mage in white run put out a hit on me as well.


Not sure what I did to him though....I assume he was jealous because I became thane in like 1 day.

This appears to happen randomly when you steal. Mine happened very early in the game in Whiterun, they were waiting on my way to Dragonsreach. It was the priest lady who took the hit out on me.

Faendral put a hit on me :P

I had a hit put on me as well by Alvor, the blacksmith in Riverwood.  I think it would have been a nice touch if that person treated you differently in the future.  It appears that the citzens of Skyrim are, however, are fairly forgiving =)

I had a hit out on me when I went back to Riverwood very early in the game. It was from someone in Whiterun.


I had a guard from Windhelm put a hit on me! Was funny to read the enstructions on the bounty note they had and it said at the bottom "Signed - Windhelm Guard" LOL.