Interesting little bug giving more games won than played REPRODUCABLE

To reproduce this bug it requires two prerequisites:

1. You must play a daily challenge that uses one of the predefined boards and leaves tiles unplayed (such as lightning tiles).

2. The remaining tiles must produce a "no more matches" condition if you were to continue beyond the conditions of that challenge.

This bug is caused by the daily challenge not clearing the board after you win leaving tiles remaining in a "no more matches" condition. Once you play the daily challenge leaving unmatched tiles after a win (any of the challenges except classic will leave tiles) then you leave the daily challenge, choose the board with the condition it will prompt you for a second chance. Choosing that second chance will give you one more shuffle (after the advertising) allowing you to win the unfinished game. This will increase your win count but not your play count. To really rack it up, select "choose board" on the win screen and choose that same board to be set back to the second chance prompt and do it again... Wash, rinse and repeat... Right now I have 10 games more won than played!

As a side note, choosing "new game" from the win screen will clear the board and continue playing as normal until the next time you encounter this bug.


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Hi today (Sunday March 16) in the Golden Tiles challenge I think we have a board satisfying the condition here. But after I won the game leaving only 2 identical tile as a single 2-layer stack (a "no more match" condition) the system just accepted it as a win and when I clicked for the same challenge again, the system just reset the whole board from start! How come?