I am only missing 2 pcs of intel..........

Is there ANY way to see what intel I am missing from each mission WITHOUT starting each mission and then pausing the game?



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I think pausing each map is all you can do, Unless somebody knows anything other

Best opinion I think is looking at guides well video guide for which you can skip threw the ones you have try

If you want to get the legit then yeah you got to start a mission>pause and check which ones your missing :/

Youtube works the same

This sucks I have done all legit W/O cheating up to this point......

The part that pisses me off is that I don't know yet which TWO I am missing? I think it is Frickin' stupid that I have to load each and every mission and pause it to see which mission(s) I am missing these last two pcs from?

You think there would be something easier for me to at least view which mission(s) I am missing these final two pcs of Intel?  

It will take longer to load each and every mission one by one and then pause than finding the last two pcs of Intel ???? UGH !!!!!!

No worries man it happen to me in mw2 got suck on one for the longest

But hey if its the only way go for it!

I stopped looking for them right now im just working on the last 5 maps for survival reaching 15 waves on everymap that takes a bit longer