Intel already found without playing the game?

Hey just played Black Ops on the campaign for the first time, and I went back to the main menu, and looked into the Intel section, and it said I had all the intel!?!? Anyone else have this happen? Any way to get rid of it, and start over? I was thinking about contacting Treyarch about it.


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Did you use the "cheat codes" for the zomb map Five and stuf?

I think it was used to gain access to a zombie map.... why would that affect my intel though? If I would have known about it messing with my intel, then I would not have allowed it to be used. What is the code anyways? If I see it I may know for certain whether or not my friend used it on my console.

I am pretty sure, due to the random crap that was being typed on the computer terminal in Black Ops, that he locked my intel.... I had no idea. It really ticks me off, I play the games to enjoy the experience, and then I hunt for the achievements, now I cannot due to some stupid code that Treyarch came up with, but there is no way to disable. Stupidity on Activision's and Treyarch's part. You know, I like Infinity Ward A LOT better. Too bad they are just a name now. To correct this, Activision/Treyarch should allow this to be enabled or disabled so the REAL gamers can get the achievements. -_-

this happened to me also on a new account i made, but the thing is i never even got out of the chair to use the terminal, so something got messed up big time for me and it really ticks me off knowing that now i can't somehow fix it besides making a new account which is not an option for me.