Installing games to Xbox one. Please help?!

So i bought my xbox one yesterday and i got a few games with it.

First game i stick in was Titanfall. Put the disc into the Xbox, It took 5 Hours to install!!!???

Next i try thief, so far its on about 4.5 hours and its only up to 16%!!!

Why is it taking so long to install!? am i doing something wrong? Is it trying to download the full game am i not able to tell it to specifically install from the disc?

Please someone help me this is ridiculous.


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Games download and install the updates available before installing the disc, if you have poor internet speeds then this is why, take dead rising that has a 12 GB update to it, the downloads first then installs the disc, try disconnecting from the network first then install the disc.

Try doing the following:

1) Disconnect the console from Xbox Live.

2) Power cycle the console by holding down the Xbox button on the front of the controller for ten seconds.

3) Restart console, but don't connect to Xbox Live yet.  

4) Install the game.

5) Connect to Xbox  Live.

6) Install any game updates (if required).

Ok guys thanks for the heads up. Will i be able to play the game whilst the new update is downloading?

It will notify you when you are able to play.

Alright nice one mate cheers.

It's definitely your internet. When the X1 first launch, I didn't have good internet speeds and it took forever to install games, I thought it was a problem with my Xbox. Then I changed internet providers and there is a huge difference.

Yep you really need a fast internet connection and a large download quota plan for the Xbox One. 5 gig updates do not sound good at all especially if you have a download limit with your ISP.

Is there a setting for the One that prevents the automatic updating of games?

For updates that size you would wanna hope there is a setting to turn it off. Hopefully a Xbox one owner can tell us if a feature exists on the console. If not maybe it might be a feature Microsoft could implement in a future beta release?  

On your Xbox One, go to "settings". Then "power & start up". Under "power options" you can uncheck the box that says "automatically download updates"

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