Installing Game / Load Times

Has anyone installed the game onto your hard drive? And if so how much faster are load times when going through doors, etc?


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I wouldn't recommend installing it ATM, there are issues with textures not loading correctly when installed onto the HDD (Source). I did have it installed at first but after reading that forum post and deleting it the only difference I've noticed is the noise from the disk spinning. There should be a patch for the issue sooner or later.

Loading times are good.

The texture issue in nominal IMO and will be fixed in a patch.

Installed load times are much improved over non-installed.

I've been running it from the HD since day one... I've noticed a couple of minor texture issues so far, but not major enuff to complain about.  Load times seem short.

Can anyone confirm running it from a USB is a good work around (I'm hearing both sides on that but nothing definitive).


Zen posted something about where he read not to install it because of some texture issues.  I haven't noticed or looked.  I've just been enjoying the game.  As for loading times...they never seem fast enough when you're liking the game!   

I played first without installing it and haven't really noticed any difference except the disc drive after it was installed.

I had to install to hard drive because my disk drive is going out. After maybe ten hours of play time I have come across no(seriously, not even minor ones.) texture issues. When playing a game that has 300+ hours of content, plus eventual DLC that adds more hours, its best to add the game to your hard drive to prevent overworking your disk drive. Load times are trivial after installing, but really the only long load is the first load, that one is shorter too.

I have it installed and would rather play installed than not, personally.