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Haha, so I caught some sort of your attention, since u clicky on the topic. Let's say, for sake of disscussion, that they created 20gb of space on ur box(the xbox) that was strickly for games. ( and its on all consoles, not something u buy extra, like u can)Now aside from the 200gb of extra space most of u have( remember this is a discussion ) what games would u have on that 20 gb of space?


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I'm still rockin my Elite120GB and have tons of arcade games and DLC on it and usually have at least one installed game at a time and still have 80+Gb left.If i was limited to a 20GB i would have to have at least 5 arcade games,1 RPG game,2 FPS games,1 Sandbox game and a partridge in a pear tree.

For those who don't know install sizes this site has a comprehensive list of games and their size:

Most games are 4 to 8 gbs. So u can get anywhere from3 to 5 full sized games. ( not including aracde games) id def. Atleast have an rpg, mayb fallout3.....and gta iv, either madden (12) lol or nba 11, forza3, and prob. Running outta room so if I still have any id choose a fps( not sure which one)