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   Even with both disks Installed to my hard drive the game still starts off as if it Isn't, its very NOISY an takes about 5 min to settle down..


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All games get read and spin for a couple of minutes even if they are installed to the HDD. Just the newer games spin longer due to their new format. Problem?

yeah mines the same it sounds like an aircraft taking off for about two minutes then i dont hear it again

@Wh1  none of my other games start like this an I have a 200gig HD  newer slim..

OK all of that spinning has put a small scratch in my disk an has made it unreadable, it was making a clicking sound when ever I started up while it WAS on Hard drive +  it was getting louder by the day SO I decided to delete it off of my HD an try again BUT now it cant be put back on HD cuase it has a scratch!!!!!

Battlefield 3 uses the new Anti-Piracy Disc which spins a little bit longer even when Installed to the HDD. This is normal, it did the same thing with the Halo Reach/ Dashboard Beta Update Disc a while back.

yeah great feature!  puts deep scratches on the disk AWESOME!  

well if your disk was scratched wither your drive is faulty or you knocked your xbox while the disk was spinning............the problem with the xbox its desiged to work on its side or upright , because of that pointless feature the reader is as unstable as hell and sensitive to the slightest knock , when the disk is spinning at those speeds it doesnt take much to scratch them

yeah I figured it out I just didn't have disk 1 installed FIRST, but thed Disk is still scratched an its only what 2 weeks old, I never took it out of that tray the whole time an the other good news is after re installing it settled down considerably and I haven't added that HDTV update maybe that was the culprit..