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I always install my games. Yet, after installing B:AC, the disc still spins. Cleared my cache, uninstalled & reinstalled the game, removed & redownloaded the update patch. (Running a 250gb slim)


Yet, last week I had no problems with the game installed :/


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Noticed another similar thread topic, i would rather have up to 5 seconds of the disc spining than 5 minutes from what others are saying :|

The 5-minute spinning happens to me and everyone else I asked about it.  I guess it is normal.

from what i have read its these new discs that have higher security on them.

it may change once the new dashboard update is up and running.

Same happens with gears 3. It's got to do with the new disc format. The rumor is it will go away with the new dashboard

There is a way to start it without spinning the disk. I have this same problem with "Rage" and "Alice: Madness Returns"...

First off, you need to have some music ripped into your hard drive. Before you load the game from the dashboard, play some music, then start the game and the disc WILL NOT spin.

If you are having freezing issues when starting the game, simply sign out of Live before you start it and the game will not freeze. Sign back in on the press start screen.

I think I will start a thread about this.