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What is this? I always install games to my HDD that I intend to play more than just a few hours. But after I installed BF3 & loaded it up, it asks me (and keeps asking me) if I want to install HD content (1.5GB) -- didn't I do that already? I clicked yes once & it installed 300mb, stopped & the filed said "corrupted" so I deleted it. I mean, my copy didn't even come w/ an instruction booklet (1st 360 game ever).


So yeah, if I already installed the disc to my HDD, do I still need to install this "HD Content?" And if I don't, how do I get it to stop bugging me about it. Thanks in advance!


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WOW sounds like your HDD or disc is bad. That HD pack is 1.4 gig. Do you have the space for it?

I figured that was the texture pack they were talking about, but dang, I can't imagine what this game would have looked like without it. I almost want to say BF: BC 2 had better graphics. Maybe I need to upgrade my TV, but still, I figured the texture pack would have improved the graphics a little more.

If I were you, I would download the texture pack. I don't understand why you wouldn't.

ColonelBoston, in order for the HD Texture Instal to work, you need to Instal it from the In-Game Menu, not the Dashboard.

Thank you LostKauz. Cheers!

And Badmagik -- a bit over the top, no? Aunt Flo visiting?

lol ya EA has been sucking with their instruction book format now for years.  They went from detailed, colored and thick to thin and black and white.  Its only obvious the next evolution would be just putting the instructions in the game instead of something we could sit and thumb through.  The texture pack to work requires the game to be installed, it can't just run from the disc ( don't ask me why or how, I don't want to explain), just realize for whatever reason, it won't work.  So when you install the game, it then gives you access or the option to put it on (its stored on the disc).  Another sign of the times to where games are pushing the limits of the consoles now.  Yes its a pain in the butt, 10 minutes to install first disc, 10 minutes to update and install texture package, then 10 minutes to install disc 2 if you want.  PS3 is differen't, because all games are required to be installed, as is PC.  360 takes away that option because no HD is necessary to play, not everyone has one.  So it was done that way so everyone can play.