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I know it says kill 200 wretches, but kill them where and how? I know I've killed quite a few by now in both horde and campaign, yet the kill counter still reads 0/200. WTF?! Please help


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Lol, your not the only one that wondered why the kill count wasnt going up =)

I made the same mistake initially. The wording is completely wrong. If you want to get it faster play solo Beast Mode on casual and pick the wretch every time. If you fail a wave, start over from the beginning. Good luck.


Ohhhh ... well, that would make sense since I haven't played beast yet. Thanks

lol, i just imagine total commitment killing hundreds of wretches in every way just to see zero kills. ^this guy is right tough.

I think it means kill 200 people with a wretch, in Beast mode.