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"Part of the problem too is that a lot of the stuff we were getting early on were things we couldn't fix in the beta. Map layouts, for example. One of the things that happened pretty early on Thrashball and Trenches was that people were getting trapped in the spawn areas and feeling like they were being spawn-camped. That was something Jim jumped on really quickly and we have new versions of Thrashball and Trenches today that account for that. We weren't able to roll out new maps into the beta to say 'here's that change.'


"We got rid of the two ribbons of killing a guy 25 levels above you and 50 levels over you. Just because, there are other people like Jim who are completionists that are highly offended by the notion that if they started day one and were reasonably good, there would never be anyone 25 or 50 levels above them. They were offended that there were ribbons they couldn't get. So we changed those out. "


There is other stuff as well so check it out.





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Funny how they make fun of the players crying


"Rod: Absolutely. That fire alarm thing on Checkout is part one of about a ten step process to find the real Easter Egg. There's lots of subtle stuff in there too that people may or may not ever get."

I wonder if the whole "process" was available in the beta and if anyone figured it out and what the pot of gold was at the end of that rainbow!

Other than that, it was a great article and a worthy read for everyone on these forums!

The sawed-off is still annoying. It may be "balanced", but you have to admit that it pisses you off when you did from it. I like to compare it to the "grenade launcher" in the CoD games, as it requires no real skill to use

Don't let them get close or it is your own fault! cannot stop someone from hiding around a corner, and sneaking up on someone in Gears in not that hard with the amounts of cover to hide on, the third person camera to spy with and the tightness and close proximity based the maps are...


It was a good read, Im surprised no one has found Checkout's Easter egg and we won't be able to until September now. What really shocked me was the the developers actually admitted to stuff being horrible broken unlike some other developers that will remain anonymous and fixed them. I wonder how Thrashball and Trenches look now.