Insider moves on dashboard

Was looking at the new insder moves today it was on the new map pack and i could not belive what they were saying..the basicy said they had a good respwann sysem in there game and a small map makes it harder to get it right.....if they would play there own game they would see that there good respwann system is crap and i mean really crap......before anyone says i am just having a go at the game as i dont like it or something at this very moment i am prestege 13 on level 40 and have played the game for 14 and a half days about........ now i have a viedo of there respwann system on youtube here is the like



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The thing is... everybody already knows that the spawns are crap. The spawns have been crap since CoD4 and the spawns will be crap in MW3. I'm used to it.

Stop playing demolition.

Crappy spawns, horrible hit detection, and lag= a billion dollar a year money maker

I play TDM and only have crappy respawns every once in awhile.

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I play TDM and only have crappy respawns every once in awhile.



While I like the maps, drive-in has the worst initial spawns I have evr seen in any game (for ffa that is )

I swear I even been shot before my contdown to spawn timer hit 0

I think there aiming for just a 5 second time period. It sucks but do a hard count until you reach 5. if you die before 5 seconds, then complain.