Inside xBox Gone....??

Sorry to see you go sentUAmessage, nexxus and Majors Minute.  Those were great shows for xbox, by xbox.  I noticed that once IGN came into the picture, that was gone so I'm supposed to get all my information from IGN now?  I wish that we as customers had a say in this.  I don't mind IGN, but its not the same.  I really enjoyed the guys from sentUA message and Nexxus...sorry to see them go.  Hopefully you guys will realize your mistake and bring those shows back.  Maybe enough of us can get you to change your mind.  They were a really cool way of getting information to us instead of some broad standing in front of a green screen reading a cue card.  Those guys felt like they really cared, and gave you real information, and made it fun too.  That's why I liked it.


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The reason for the removal from Microsoft is on the Major Nelson website.

Hopefully some things will come into place with the removal as they promise. I also enjoyed the videos, being a UK member we still have Inside Xbox for the moment. No idea when it will dissapear though. I guess when IGN comes over. We will just have to wait and see.

A user from the forums should step upto the plate and make their own inside xbox.


Microsoft would rather the space for SUAM go to adverts or another social media company like FB and Twitter.

they needed space for more advertisements and other useless things..

Not to mention the ign app is crap. There is an ad(go figure) before every single video and maybe it was just me but the videos were somewhat laggy.