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I'm almost finished my second playthrough of ME1 and I'll be starting my first Insanity playthrough (since formatting myHDD) so I'll be trying to get the Insanity achievement this time. Last time I tried, went as a Soldier with Warp Ammo training (can't recall any of the other stats I had) but was unable to finish due to other reasons. I do have all the DLC (weapon pack, armor, firewalker, etc etc) so I can equip my Shepard to fit any class/situation (I hope lol). Any advice/tips you have for a Insanity run, would be appreciated.


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Take your time with insanity, you rush it, your going to be watching Shepard lying on the ground with red cracks circling your screen quite often. Also using something like fortification or barrier will save your life. When you're doing this play through, it's not required that you do loyalty missions, so if you just want achievement skip them and get the Reaper IFF as soon as you have that option Some good players to use would be:

Mordin: Incinerate

Morinith: Dominate (controls living things, like AI Hacking controls synthetics) To recruit Morinith, you have to use a Renegade action when Samara and her fight during Samara's loyalty mission.

Miranda: Warp and Overload

Tali: AI Hacking

Zaeed/Grunt: Bullet Sponges

It would also be smart to do a play through on another difficulty to get an importable character so you have better stuff to use for the insanity one.

I agree with your tips King, all expect the last.


It is generally easier to do an Insanity run with a new character or fresh import from the first Mass Effect. This is because if you use the 'Import ME2' character option, all the enemies scale to your level while you are lacking all the upgrades. It actually puts you at a severe disadvantage.

Thanks for the advice guys, I'll keep them in mind for my playthrough. I've finished ME2 as a Soldier... pretty easy. Am fond of the Engineer class, as that drone helped me out against the Shadow Broker in a earlier playthrough. What class would you guys recommend for a Insanity playthrough?

All depends on what class you choose to play as because the biggest tip for Insanity is that you need to play to the strengths of your class.

Regardless of class, upgrade your passive and class specific powers first - only exception to this is the Engineer where you may want to upgrade Incinerate before Combat Drone.

Do as many sidequests as you can before you trigger Horizon. With a level 60 import, if you do all of the dlc (Zaeed, Kasumi, Overlord, Firewalker) as well as the N7 missions available, you can hit level 18 before Horizon which makes that whole mission so much easier.

Don't waste your bonus ability on an ammo type just use the squad ammo o your team member.

Always pick Unstable Warp for Miranda and Thane, it has a 9 sec cool-down compared the the 12 sec of Heavy Warp, but choose Heavy for yourself if playing as an Adept or Sentinal.

Sentinal is probably the best class to choose for your first Insanity playthrough thanks to having both Overlad and Warp, plus Tech Armour will keep you alive longer and means you don't need to waste a bonus power on Barriers/Fortification/GSB.

I would recommend the soldier or infiltrator class. You have sniper rifles from the beginning and those are a serious asset when playing on insanity. Tactical cloak is also really awesome. Of course, I'm a little biased because infiltrator is my personal favourite class. I just completed it as a vanguard, which was challenging but not impossible. So really... you could probably use any class. It's like schuey said in that you'll need to play to the strengths of the class as well as your own personal strengths. I would highly recommend fortification as your additional ability. It saved my life countless times.

Cover is your friend. I can't stress that enough. Don't be a risk taker. Just take your time and work your way through the bad guys slowly and make sure you always have your shields regenerated before you pop back out of cover, because they can take your health down in a couple shots. I would rather spend a few more seconds behind cover than waiting for the critical mission failure screen and the loading time lol

I would also recommend that you take Miranda on most of your missions as she has both warp and overload. On this difficulty everyone either has armour, shields or barriers (sometimes a combination of those). Even husks have armour. So she's super useful as she can take down that added protection pretty quickly.

The hardest parts for me were horizon and the disabled collector ship. So once you get past those? You're pretty much in the free and clear as I thought the rest of the game was a breeze after that. Perhaps at that point it's because you're just so levelled up that everything comes easier? Not really sure. Essentially just take your time and don't give up.