Insane world of parkour

Hey, Sly here!  I'm bored as hell and as my friends have come to find out, I build some pretty neat things on here when I'm bored out of my mind.  Every single one of my friends who have come to see my world so far said it is "The best world not featured already on youtube"  I can't put it on youtube because I have no way of recording xbox content.  If anyone has a youtube channel and able to record the map send me an invitation, it is incomplete HOWEVER the first parkour stage is complete.  The biggest attraction on the map is the parkour, it features 5 levels & one massive final level.  If you want to check it out you're free to, I will have it open to the public anytime I am on minecraft.  (It will not be saved when I exit so don't even bother griefing) just have a look around, and enjoy.  

Rules:  Don't fly if you plan to do the parkour, for your own sake you'll only end up spoiling it for yourself =P
Rules at the start of the map.
No annoying people please, I wanna be able to talk on the mic with you for any future suggestions (because unfortunately I know I will eventually get equally as bored on terraria and probly do pixel art on there too) 

Pictures were taken with a cell phone so pardon the low quality, this isn't everything on the world, of course, but it's all I'm going to show on here.

no idea when I'll get around to finishing it up, it's got a lot of hours put into it so far and includes a good many easter eggs. 



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