iNSANE DiSASTERS - Recruiting Members!

Heya C: Never been on this before but I thought I'd give it a go :3

So me and my friends made a clan a couple of months ago just for the four of us. We named it "iNSANE DiSASTERS". Our names are based on elements/weather type things. We are originally for Halo: Reach but we have had a few new members joining and we are now spreading onto more games. We don't want to be too serious we want to have fun and win.

Anyway, recently we decided we'd try and recruit people to our clan. We do trails if anyone is interested. We only really play Modern Warfare 2 and Halo Reach at the moment but we have more games on the list - we just need the members :)!

We made a quick, basic website today to try and get the point across and make it easy for people to contact us and find information about the clan. (Extremely basic but hey - we're only 16, web-design isn't our speciality :3)

Anyway if you're interested at all message:  iD x AvALaNcHe

Thanks :3


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