Insane arcade medal not unlocking.

I finally went through the Arcade on insane. Got the achievement and the medal for playing through the story but not the arcade medal. All chapters say they are done so I don't know what gives.


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try doing prologe on arcade insane again, as i thought i had done all acts on insane in arcade but medal didnt pop up so did prologe again and i got insane arcade onxy medal

Have to try that. Not going to go through all the arcade on my own again. I helped other people with several chapters but ended up doing most of them solo. Not really fun experience considering I didn't even have the mutators when I started.

I had this issue and ended up having to start from scratch. It turned out it was a single part of act 2 i had skipped but there is no proper way of telling. its a pain but put easy mutators on and you can fly through it.