Innebriated Players

Ha i've played against someone with the gamertag [Gamertag Removed]...or something like that. I've never played against a guy who had no issue talking about playing while being high. Problem is, he's actually pretty good. Anybody else run into this guy, or other players who play in that state of mind and are actually decent?


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To the Mod Edit....i don't see it as calling him out,  especially if he's so open with it.

hahahahaha. They didn't want you using my name? Thanks for looking out for me Ha nah it's no big deal man. Thanks for the props tho. If you had decent teammates those games, things mighta worked out for ya. Tha'ts why youre the only one who didnt get t-bagged.

Compliments? On Halo forums? Whatever next...


I constantly play under the influence but I'm terrible. Good laugh though when playing splitscreen online with my mate.

Halo is the reason I stopped drinking. Two beers and I couldn't do anything worth while.

Drinking and videogames gives me a serious feeling of nausea.

That is unethical.

Every second moron you see online will tell you they're high because it's 'cool' in some cultures/societies, even beyond the age of 15.


I really wouldn't bother putting any faith in what they say.

I was so drunk one night playing gears 2 someone cussed me out for saying H20. He was talking to a buddy about how he was drinking water. He reminded me of the movie water boy so I said H20.  He tried to pick a fight but I was so smashed and I couldn't. So all I said was have you seen the water boy and that caused him to get increasingly angry. I just laugh about it.