Ink Grenade

What are your thoughts on the stun that the ink grenade offers? Personally, i think the stun is a GREAT addition because the ink is finally a little more effective, but i still think that the stun lasts a little too long. What do you guys think?


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i hate it, but i don't really care enough to complain.

I think the Inks were better in Gears 2.  Bigger radius.  Good for blocking off areas.  Useful for Guardian.  People seem toy be able to run throug them now without much of a problem.  A direct hit is really only useful.

Works great for Beast when playing as a Kantus (obviously). You can down heroes and even kill cog gears and stranded if you place it right. Also good for getting the pilot of the silverback out so you can kill them.


As far as versus goes, I haven't played it often enough for me to form an opinion of it.

IDK Elite, they still seem ok at area denial.

I like using them right on top of power weapons, just to *** with people =)