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I accidentally used 1 letter too many in the username and cant change it? I deleted it and re-downloaded it and it still has the wrong gamertag/username. I cant link my account ,I can't get in In.station and upload a character, I cant get the achievement...Now what?


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For the achievement you have to upload a character from in the game, not the Initiation Station from the marketplace. The game should automatically detect your linked account.

how?where? it has the wrong name in the plastic surgeon office. i deleted the account with the wrong name on the thq website and everything...does it take 24 hours maybe?

I'm a little confused lol but either way, did you link your gamertag to that account? Coz I think once you link your gamertag it's stuck to that account for good, that's why the game won't let you change the username. I can't find an option to delete my account over at so I'm sorry I don't really know what the problem is here.

my gamertag is rollergrrl(2 Rs) but when i made a character in initiation station it said there was already a rollergrrl and wouldnt let me use it. so i made one with rollergrrrl(3 Rs) b/c i wanted to play with it and I didnt think it would be an issue. I deleted it anyway. so in the game i went to the surgeons to share the character and it wont let me b/c it is still rollergrrrl(3rs). i went to and went thru ALOT of BS to get MY GAMERTAG set up as rollergrrl (2Rs) lol im confused now! anyway. at i deleted the account with 3rs and made it right on that website as well. now when i [lay the game it is still the wrong one on xbox in the initiation st. and in the game. do u think it takes 24 hours or something? can u tell me where you went in the game to share the character? is it ur character from in. station or what? i havent linked anything yet so i dont know y i cant change it. so dumb!

I don't think it needs time to update sooOoo ok, I've had some sleep and I can think better now. :O So if you go to the official Saints Row site you can't log in with the username rollergrrrl? The username on the site doesn't have to match your gamertag. Anyway here are the steps to unlock the achievement if you started the game already: Go to any Image as Designed and pay for surgery, then go down the menu to character gallery. When you select it, it should show you this:


Then once you sign in you can upload your character. If it doesn't show you that message before asking you to login then you have to go to, sign in there with an account and link your gamertag to the account on that site.


If you haven't linked anything yet just follow the steps above and it should all work out... if not, it couldn't hurt to ask the forums over there lol sorry if this doesn't work.

it always says the wrong username when i get to the office and it wont let me change it. now i will try this way. thank you very much you are awesome! xoxo

ok so what a pain in the @@@ dude! I thought someone used my gamertag or maybe i registered a previous saints row game and forgot but either way i had them send an email password reset. my linked account was with the wrong gamertag so i deleted the right gamertag profile and changed the wrong gamertag to the right one. SIGH. i mean, achievements are fun but i also wanted my stats and MY GAMERTAG!!! lol good times.good times. BTW- the passwords i tried to use everytime i went tothe plastic surgeons never worked for whatever reason/ive never used a diff one when doing these profiles or character uploads...what EVER! thanks for your help....XOXO

lol np, glad you got it sorted out! :]