initiation dlc where is it

i have been on the internet and oxm and all state new bruce wayne dlc is out on the 03/12/13.  so where is it. is it another load of lies like rocksteady produced years ago for midnight club



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I went into the game and can not find the DLC. The only place I can find it is on the Xbox market place but it wants me to purchase the DLC even though I already have the season pass.

if i dont see dlc soon in the ingame store season pass then im reporting wb montreal games to trading standards for false info and false advertising

So if you Have the season pass the BRUCE Wayne initiation DLC is FREE right??

Would love an answer on this, we are also confused.  I think I purchased it 3 times today on my sons console.  ughhhhh

I downloaded initiation but I cant seem to find it on my console.  Am I not looking in the right spot of did I get ripped off.  The cold cold heart dlc worked fine.  Any help would be appreciated