INFORMATION regarding the 2 hour Double XP....Use or lose it

After sitting on hold for 2 hours with Activision, I finally got an answer about the premium 2 hour double xp.

I got the Hardened edition game at the midnight launch, registered the elite and started playing. Due to my system being at work, I didn't want to use the available 2 hour double xp I showed as having. When I got home i plugged my system in and found that the Double XP option was gone.

So I called and sat on hold for 2 hours, and finally got a support rep. He told me after conferring with his boss that the 2 hour double XP option is only available for the first 2 hours after activation.  If you don't activate it within two hours of activating the elite, you LOSE the option of having it. Now this doesn't mean if you activate it you have to play it all in 2 hours, it is earn through 2 hours of game time. But you lose the option of having it within 2 hours.


This is the OFFICIAL word from the thieves at Activision.  I will be calling the corporate office when  they open in half an hour and *** them out. Since I am also the host of a Radio show that is heard internationally about gaming, you can frakking guarentee this is a topic on Sunday, as well as their lack of support.


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I would have been mildly annoyed, but not enough to hold on the phone.  Wait, that reminds me, I was screwed out of my double XP too.  Guess I'll have to play for an extra 2 hours...which is more fun than holding on the phone for 2 a little

I have a voucher for 4 hours double XP... does this mean I have to sit and play multiplayer for 4 hours straight as not to waste it? I was under the impression it was 4 hours on in-game time.

I agree with the The Doc.  It's the principle here that he is talking about.

I don't understand why you aren't told up front that you have 2 hours to use that X2 XP code.  Activision knows that most people will hold onto it until you get to Level 79 and use it.  

It is sneaky that they give you something and then they take it back from you.

Again kids, it's the principle. "What's the big deal, it's just a game?"

If you let somebody rob you once, they will do it again.  It's this apathetic attitude that allows companies to continously do this to everybody.  It's the younger generations apathy that makes it worse for the older generations who don't tolerate this crap.

Mwahaha I got 2 hours with a prestige token, 2 hours gun XP with a prestige token,2 hours for registering for elite and 4 hours for preordering at GAME, niice. Although this bullet lag is really hindering my progress, sadface.

On my voucher it tells me to go to and complete the redeption code process. So you'll have to enter your name, email, gamertag and code. Then I'm guessing that activates it.

All of that because of XP? really?

For those who say I am uptight or tight, I believe in morals and don't like people stealing from me. I served our nation in the first Gulf War (long before alot of you were born I am sure) and also served in law enforcement. I believe in right and wrong. Activision is WRONG in what they are doing, and most of you let they *** you over.

As for the question about when to activate. According to the Activision customer support rep, once you activate Elite, you have 2 hours to redeem/activate the 2 hour of Double XP. Once you redeem/activate it you receive 2 hours of actual gameplay to earn the dbl XP. So if you activate it and play half an hour today, then wait 3 days and play an hour, then another half an hour later, that's fine. But the option to activate is gone within two hours of activating elite, which is stated no where in fine print or online.

Just me, or is this dude wound really really really tight?

I find it humorous that you are a "Ambassador" and work for a gaming company, but can't understand the concept that when you pay for a game that says you are getting an item, then don't receive that item, it is wrong. As a employee benefits specialist, do you tell employees you are getting a particular benefit and then not give it to them?  Is that right or wrong?

I used my token on an emblem and title.  I really have no use for another custom class.  I can make do with 5.  Apparently the description is just that.  You only get one emblem and title.  I felt like I was kicked in the head.  The COD 4 prestige 10 icon iron cross is cool I suppose.  I love the iron cross for some reason, even if I am not german.

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