Infinity Pistol

I've farmed Doc Mercy for the past month now in hope that I am going to get the infinity pistol. If someone has a spare one they can get for me it would be very appreciated. Thanks.


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I've got a normal one and a caustic one. Both level 50s. Which one do you want? Irrelevant because you can't have either.

@I Pro Sparrow, ignore the lame above me and I'll give you a few Infinity's if you want, I have quite a few. I'll be back online in about an hour or 2.

Remember when people earned things?

^^Remember when people just tried to be of help to others in these forums and not be a douchebag..................................... wait you've always been a douchebag my bad :). At the OP I l plan on getting my game back from my friend in about a week if you still need one by then I will be glad to give you one.

^^ I gave him one two already. And @Isaac, it shouldn't matter how someone gets something, it's just a game. He said he farmed plenty and no drops, Doc Mercy's drop rate is ridiculous. Also, it's fine that you don't agree with duping or giving someone weapons, nothing wrong with that but stop trolling each of these threads, you've been in countless of them saying that same rude thing, it's pretty lame.

If any one would kindly give me one. Any level. Add me Hibykid. I'll help with anything you want