Infinity pistol and conference call

Can someone duplicate these for me? I want these so bad and tried to farm them forever literally and still can't get them. If you have other legendary items that would be nice too.

I have Hide of terra, the bee, and slayer of terra class mod (all characters) if you are interested. Please message or invite me. Thanks.


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Yes, I'll help you out with both of them. Just msg or FR me.

I tolo have found there to be an issue with Warrior drops. Not only have I not seen a single Confrence Call, I have not seen a single orange drop while farming him 100+ times. I got orange drops on both play throughs but not while farming. The Bee combined with the Lady Fist puts him dowin in around 2-3 minutes. My Lady fist does +400% crit damage.

I heard one of the Devs Tweeted that they were going to be nerfing The Bee... it would be evil to make the Bee prohibit legendary drops. Though I do get the orange class mods from Terramorphus still every time.

What do you mean "nerfing The Bee".

i have conference calls and *** for infinity pistols please

Could you help dupe me some legendaries to, (any at all). I've farmed a lot and, like lots of people, not gotten anything.

I need any legendaries all level 50 if anyone could dupe them that'd be awesome! Preferably the bee shield and Cc mygamertag is BufordByford

I've got some of these that i don't need levels 47-50

If you want legendaries, farm Pete. In the last two days, I have gotten several class mods, grenades, smg's, assault rifles, shields, and an infinity!