infinite loop glitch!!

in arch enemy i was playing against jace. i was using the burn deck, and my two buddies were using dragon decks. jace draws the scheme card that lets him copy a card. he copies the dragon that has devour, and tries to use the devour ability on the same dragon he just copied. because he doesn't kill my friends dragon he just keeps copying a second dragon, devouring it, fails to kill original dragon, copies another dragon, devours it...... rinse and repeat. 


i almost had him beat too!


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The other night, in archenemy mode, Jace tried to clone one of my dragons and it deleted it instead of cloning it.  I've seen too many glitches in this game to list them all but I still like it.  I saw Tezeret put out all his creatures from his hand in the first turn without playing a single mana card.  I reset the game on that glitch.  I played for seversl hours last night to unlock all the cards in a deck and when I returned to the game later it said I still had 7 cards to unlock for that deck.  I had to unlock the last 7 cards all over again.

I didn't enjoy the archenemy mode very much though and I wish they had not omitted the 2 headed giant campaign mode.  When playing with two players on the same console, only one of you can zoom a card at a time because it pops up in the middle of the screen instead of the side like it used too.  I like the way it was in the other game better.

Great gamerpic by the way SiouxNick...too bad we can't buy that one anymore.  I still look for it once a month though.  Dethklok rules!!!!

Sorry about the formatting of my above post.  I've been having this problem ever since I downloaded the new IE browser.

@evilron the dragon destroying itself may be because it was a "Legendary Creature" and only one copy of each is allowed if another one is played they are both destroyed.

That's a very good point.  I don't remember if it was a Legendary creature or not.  I don't think it was but it could have been.  I've unlocked all the cards since then and I can't recall the exact details of that match now.  You raise a good point though.  I have made that mistake in the past (putting out a Legendary creature when I already had one in play...Eons of Evil deck in the previous game has 2 of those pink Legendary dragons).