Infected is the best mode

I have so much fun with infected mode. The fact that when you die you immediately join the other team is genius and makes me wonder why other modes dont try it. You win either way! There are always thousands of people in queue for matches night and day. Good, fun play.


The only problem I have is that I have an excellent internet connection, which, in the infinite wisdom of the developers means I get penalized using their lag compensation program (they must be socialists). There are so many times that I shoot 20 bullets right at an enemy and nothing hits. This makes other modes very frustrating to play, with 2 kills due to ambushes being a good match. It is very obvious when watching the kill-cams and I see an enemy run up to me and kill me while I dont start firing till I have moved past him and am in the process of dying! Even though on my end I started firing as soon as he appeared. Sad, but I used to play on dialup many years ago so I learned to deal with lag like that and found other ways to have fun.


Anyways, as a tip to others with good connections, try dropping out of games as soon as you discover you are host (screen goes black at start of match). In infected mode I even drop out when I am first infected since I cant hit anyone anyway.

I heard that you can even try throttling down your connection so you dont get penalized with the fake lag, which makes sense since in most matches the players at the top at the end are all 2 and 3 bar connections, but I cant imagine messing up my connection just for a game unless it was dedicated just to playing mw3.

Something the devs could do that would easily mitigate this problem is to give a small xp bonus to the hoster...I would put up with fake lag if it meant I got an xp bonus!

The perverted logic of socialism even affecting our games /sigh


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i wouldn't call it the best game mode but it's pretty fun. the only problem i have with it at the moment is the fast that they give the infected juiced as a dethstreak. i've seen so mush lag with the high movement speeds, then add juiced on top and its mayhem. then they throw in lunge knives, which they claim to have taken out, but i've seen enough killcams to know that's not true.

I enjoy playing Infected wouldn't say it's the best game mode. They should take the TI out to stop some people boosting for the MOAB...

if there was no Infected I doubt i'd still be playing

and I agree with TaffyBot89 - Commando is definitely active on Infected

"Well done, I've never seen someone lose all their credibility in a single pair of brackets. You're such a moron I'm not even going to go into it."

[] are brackets, () are paretheses - moron....

"Just another overly privileged cocksucker"

you mad bro? And what do you have against *** people?

"No-one should get two kills. It's appalling."

and yet if you look up my stats you will see I have played hundreds of matches and average 2 kills a game, though it may have gone up since I play so much infected now and it is much easier to kill opponents who can only melee you or throw a knife :)

If you want to decrease the population of players in MW3 why not send the devs a little note? I am sure they will oblige you.

To Bob chill!!  You really did step over the line on this one.  You should be able to allow a poster to express their ideas and opinions with out being named called while verbally attacked. Relax man.

a new mode? Guess I better give cod3 a spin tonight. i dont have to buy the overpriced maps do I?

"[] are brackets, () are paretheses - moron...."


"[ ]" are square brackets and "( )" are simply brackets where I live : )


"And what do you have against *** people?"


Nothing at all, actually.


"To Bob chill!!  You really did step over the line on this one".


I could guess that, yes. If nothing about that post struck you as deserving, then congratulations... maybe. I find ignorance annoying in general and that post is riddled with a disgraceful amount.

I love the game-type, but the fact that everyone is very unlikely to 'lose' a game, gives it little/no competitive edge. Considering its their first attempt at such a gametype, its great, and exciting considering the constant knives flying passed your face XD

I don't think it's a bad idea, or they should put a cap on how many times you use your TI in a game like they did in BO.

Bob just got owned. :)

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