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 IA Promethean from IAGC (or IA for short) here, we are currently looking for the new rising stars in gaming or some above average gamers. At IA we are community driven and hopefully soon will begin regular Community matches on a variety of games from Armored Core to Z.o.E (A-Z :D), and post community montages with your best clips, we do mainly focus on evolving our gaming abilites so we become better at what we play. Since we do call ourselves a mature community we only accept 14+ gamers with the exception of a month or two. We also do have a love for trolling but we do not take it to far (Getting the parents extremely mad).

We Offer:
>>A friendly atmosphere where people are willing to help you become a better player:
>>Competitive & Casual Squads(Alliance)
>>Zombies Team with experienced players,**** that train.
>>Twitter and Youtube accounts that the leaders and support staff own
>>Call Of Duty Elite Clan that plays clan ops still on Mw3 & Black ops II
>>Updates for the newest and hottest games out! (coming soon)

If you're interested, message me (IA Promethean), BurningShadows6 or riku1996 on xbox live with your age (D.o.B aswell) with a little one or two sentences on why you would like to join



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