Indomitable Mechs? Or Sissy Mechs? Which is better?

They made it way to easy for pilots to kill the mechs, IMO. Seriously. They are supposed to be giant walking tanks for pete sake, not a sack of wet rags. The mechs should be WAY more powerful, and less vulnerable to pilot attacks. Think Mechassault (1 and not 2). Then they would be fun to pilot. As it stands, I feel the advantage goes to the pilot and see people not even using their mechs. If any of you ever played Mechassault, you would know what a fun mech game feels like. This isn't that. You should feel invincible and indomitable, not vulnerable and sissy like. What a shame! i was sooo looking forward to this game. But if you take the mechs out of it, COD Ghost is a better shooter at heart, so not sure I will be keeping this game. I feel hoodwinked. .      


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When I first heard about the game, i , for some reason thought the Titans would be harder to achieve.  Not dropping every 2 minutes.  I kind of agree with what you are saying but I suppose due to everyone being able to get one, even if they sit and wait they get one, they had to make them disposable.

Preach brother, preach!

It's balance, the point of this game wasnt to have some indestructable monster walking around, that would be miserable for everybody involved and stupid. You want utter vehicle domination go play battlefield.

You said it best "this isn't that" it's not Mechassault it's TitanFall. Like someone above mentioned, walking around with "indestructible monster" would not be fun.

This is just from my experience so far but I don't see many pilots taking down titans "easily".

If pilot landson the mech jump out and kill him works well

If a pilot lands on a titan just have the electric smoke and listen you can hear a pilot getting on your back if you pop the smoke at the right time it kills them and you never have to leave your titan to do it