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Are indie games only for america? I found game called fortresscraft at internet and i want to play it but i could not find it from game market place...



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We can't get Indie games in Norway, but I used to be able to get them in the UK. They are definitely region restricted. Not sure how many regions can get them tho.

Sad face :'( i live in finland and cant get em... microsoft should really give them to all players

I agree, the whole Indie game thing is a little odd. We can create them, but we can't buy them. I am sure all of the creators of Indie games would want them to be sold worldwide, it's a real shame that the distribution is so limited.

do you know if i can get indie games in europe? belgium/netherlands?'

i wanted to get fortresscraft as well but i cant find it anywhere :"(

The one thing I don't understand is that France can buy indie games and Belgium/ Netherland can't. I mean come on ! It's practically the same!

you can't. i went to the xbox site to the indie game page and noticed that it was on the US page.

when i went to the netherland/belgium page there was no indie game page at all :'(