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Hey guys, posting this in here again. It got deleted last time when the mods did a cleanup, probably cause it started to become inactive. I had posted it in the PC section but the forums over there are dead . Kind of a shame.



Ive been working on a simple game project. Little 2d sidescroller game playable on pc, possibly mobile phones and if im going to be optimistic the indie game section of the marketplace.


During the course of making the game ive been putting out development diaries to keep you guys updated and show off the different stages of the games creation. But really I want to get people involved in the actual development of it. Pitching in your own ideas and content such as artwork or voices. Got a couple of videos up now. Would really appreciate it if a few of you guys could check it out and let me know what you think of the work so far. Its hard to get people involved if no-one watches so I thought I would try spread the word on here. Not trying to promote myself out, I just thought who better to take ideas from than the gaming community themselves. 



Also for those who do get involved in the creation of the game at some point I intend to give out prizes for the support


Episode 1 - The Idea


Episode 2 - Basic Start


Episode 3 - Start of Destructible environments






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Excellent job so far. I was making something similar a while back but didn't have time and it was "cancelled" so to speak. Congrats with what you have now, it's a lot further than I ever got.

Looks nice .

I watched Ep 3 a few days ago, its looking good. I like the bridge demo. I downloaded Unity, its a very cool engine I'm having fun with it.

Thanks guys. @NameMonkey Boy unity is awesome. What have you been doing with it :) ?

Episode 4 - Shows of completely destructible bridge and the beginning of the destructible houses.

[quote user="CkSned"]

Thanks guys. @NameMonkey Boy unity is awesome. What have you been doing with it :) ?


Just reading through the tutorials at the moment and generally playing around with the modeling. I played around with some code just to see how it handles it. Not had the time to really sit down with it yet.

I think I will need to learn more C# before setting myself a project.

Another update video for my game :D Fully destructible house now for the player and the beginning of a weapon.


Eventually put out another Dev Diary. Need feedback from people on here and youtube. No idea what to work on next :/ pretty much came to a standstill over the last month. Explained in the video below. 

Shows off the explosions too.


It's really starting to look good. The lava rock is cool however at the moment it's the only thing that can kill the character, maybe some more traps eg  timed spikes that appear from the ground or burning trees that can fall and kill you maybe or veins that the player can swing on. 

When the rock falls and it makes contact to the ground it vanishs in smoke however making some of the rock larger with can roll or bounce which chases the player whould be fun.

Checkpoints will be need so when the player dies they don't not have to start from the beginning, its fine at the moment but when the level is larger this will be needed.

Really good work :)

The player can get killed by flowing lava (which is turned off for now) and probably drown once I add in water.

Really like the idea about the rock hitting the ground and maybe breaking off into other directions to hit the player. Might add that in :P lol.

As for checkpoints, I'm not sure how the games going to work yet. I thought I would make it kind of like the impossible game where you get one life to try and make it all the way through and if you die you would have to start from the beginning. But that will depend on how long the level lasts and how hard it is.

Thanks for the feedback. Appreciate it :D

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