Incredible graphics

This has been on my backlog list for a while and I finally had a chance to rent it this weekend.  All I could say when the game started was WOW stunning graphics.  I have heard about how good this game looks on the forums but to actually see it myself is truly impressive. I have about 3 hours into Rage. Gameplay is pretty fun too from what I have played so far.   If you havent checked this game out, you should even if its just to check out the graphics.  I think I would put this in the top 5 best graphics game on the 360.


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Completely agree.

From a purely technical perspective, i'd say this is probably the most graphically impressive game i have ever seen on a console.

The open wasteland enviroment is astonishing to behold and somehow manages to run at 60 frames per second with no slowdown whatsoever.

In fact the only drawback is the texture pop-in, which is barely noticeable when the game is installed to the hard drive.

Like you said, if you're a graphics nerd and can get this cheap, it's worth it just to gawp at the visuals.

Same here, finally picked it up, and it's amazing, can't believe I used to think it was just some crappy borderlands/bullet-storm rip off.

Just picked this up from Walmart new for $20 but I haven't started it yet.  

Yeah, this game is great looking no doubt, but beyond that it is incredibly fun to play. Played it through a couple of times when it was released and now playing it again. Love the combat mechanics and the pacing is great. One thing though, I really haven't played much MP so I think I'll dive into that this weekend.

I didn't take to the multiplayer much and only played long enough to get my achievements, though I DID love the single player campaign races. LOVE the single player though, you are right...the combat mechanics are awesome and the pacing is great. The part of the multiplayer I DID love was the Legends co-op. I still need to complete the last 2 maps for my final achievement in the game, so I will get back to Legends someday. There are 9 Legends maps and the 7 I played were wicked fun.

Graphics were good until you got close to objects.

Corpse - did you have it installed on the Hard Drive?  I noticed a big difference with close up objects in terms of Quality after I installed it...

I picked this up at Gamestop for $11 used.  So far, I'm loving it!  Fantastic graphics and gameplay.