Increase in TK?

Has anyone else noticed an increase in the team killing done in Hardcore?


I was in several matches where the enemy team had two guys, they were split screeners, who happened to have got host and were team killing their team mates through out the entire match. They proceeded to do this with every match after that until they apparently either got bored or had to go. I was partied up with friends so I didn't have to worry about getting them on my team but it wasn't fair to the other team because they spent most of their time dead, not from the opposing team but their own team mates.


Question is would you report people like that and how would you report them. I know MS doesn't have a stipulation for it in their Terms of Service or Code of Conduct but it does affect the outcome of a match. I might even be bold enough to say it would be considered cheating. I'd like to hear your opinions about it.


This isn't about the team killers who kill three times and get kicked. This is about the team killer(s) who are the host and continuously do it.


On a seperate note, I was in a few matches the other day where we had a team killer on our team, I only had a party of five, who would kill us twice, then leave. We would keep playing and then get killed again by the same guy who apparently came back. He continued to do this for the next several matches. Always just killing twice then leaving then coming back, repeat and rinse. He didn't always get on our team and he even did it to the enemy team when he got in on their side.


I think the Game Developers need to put reflective damage on for Hardcore modes. If they can implement it in the first 30 seconds of every match they surely can implement it for the entire game mode.


And for those of you who will surely say stop playing hardcore and play core. Why should I? I even did play Core mode for a few hours yesterday with some friends. We had too many in our party for TDM so we decided to play Ground War. There are just as many campers in Core as there is in Hardcore. And it is even worse in Core mode because we got stuck with one idiot on our team who liked to follow everyone around flash banging them and trapping them in corners. BOTH game modes have their share of idiots and problems, there is no doubt there.


I guess in the end, and sorry for the long rant, my main question is is this type of behavior reportable and if not should we tolerate it from our fellow players? I know everyone bought their own copy of the game and they can do whatever they want with it, but let's be honest here, it isn't much fun when you have a team mate doing this stuff to his own team. And these actions most times do affect the outcome of the match. Opinions?


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I have not noticed an increase in TK'ing lately. The guys I play with, I have to worry about them randomly killing me. But I have not seen an increase, that might be also due to the fact myself and friends mainly play HC Flags. We only play HC TDM when we don't have a full squad. IMO, I would report them under the Activision reporting function and then submit a player review for unsporting conduct(or something like that). Hopefully, that will help you along with that issue.

   The game has been out for a while now and surely some are getting bored with playing, but still cant shelf it.

    The best thing to do of course is to report them and move on to another lobby. Its also possible though that he was targetting somone in your party ....... so that wont always help. Switch game modes for a while if necessary   ..... agreed ... you shouldnt have to .......... but shouldnt aint always gonna happen

     Sometimes it's more fun to think of your own ways to mess with them if you dont mind risking a report on you. Spectate the team memeber for a bit, maybe you can find just what his intent is, and use it against hin.

    I was in a lobby with a girl on our team who kept throwing decoys at us.  I hung around a couple matches just to see what was up. I finally realized the person had friends on the other team and apparently wasnt getting teamed with them. Once we both got on the same team, along with her friends, she started playing right, but I started following her around, blocking her in corners and such until she killed me enough times to get kicked.  .......... Wasnt the right thing to do, and I dont even know if it mattered to her. But I got some satisfaction out of it.  

I've team killed a few of my friends all on accidental grounds (they run infront of my bullets, name tag doesn't show, panic shooting ..etc).

If its a consistant/ on purpose team killing then i would report.

I've not seen an increase however if im dropping like a naplam strike (or something which may TK) then i say where abouts im dropping it so some lunitic doesn't run into it.

I run in a party of about 4.  If some one TKs anyone in our party on purpose the each of us will TK that person 2 times each.

If they retaliate on 2 of us then they get booted for 3 TKs.