Inconceivable! not unlocking

I have completed the game 100%, finished all the challenges and this acheivement did not pop.  My says 100% overall complete so it is not stuck at 99% like ive read has happend to some people.  Before anybody asks, yes I did do the challenge at Cliffside Bunker.  I have gone through every area on my map and it is all finished.  I am looking for any suggestions as to getting it to pop short of another playthrough as I dont think my brain could take it at the moment.


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Nevermind, the problem solved itself.

This had happened last night with the game saying i did not get the achievement, and upon checking after work tonight, the achievement was unlocked and the score was added to my overall total.

Its doing the same thing to me, all maps say100% yet when I go to load it says 99%, I have found everything so rather peeved now...

same thing happened to me.....(stuck on 99% ?) I am waiting to see if it unlocks upon later log-on. I have 100% on all levels and will be seriously miffed if this doesn't unlock

I've got exactly the same problem! Except mine didn't fix itself. Can anyone please help?