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Just wanted to make a post and see if anyone else has ever given much thought to a class action lawsuit against companies that KNOWINGLY release games that don't work. The closer lawsuit I could find was EA being sued for investor fraud but not any gamers getting together to try and put an end to it. For the most part I think we just get use to it and move on to the next bugged game but maybe someone much smarter than me could tell me if this would even be a viable option. Obviously its not about the money its about being lied to. Games have launch issues, bugs, and kinks, just the nature of the beast but it is to the point that video games aren't even playable. I'm not talking about getting stuck, falling through the ground into a black abyss, npcs floating through the air or graphics twitching but that the game actually crashes to the home screen and you literally can not play the game. The most annoying part about all this is that the developers get teams of support "bots" that send out the same response to every problem and their solutions never help. I know I'm crying over spilt milk here and most people are probably going to bash me but this is an epidemic, if gamers don't give the gaming industry a reason to improve then nothing will ever change, we'll just keep forking over more money for DLC, addons, and updates (to help with problems) that should have been released with the games to begin with and crashes and errors that never go away.


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May I ask if you could shoehorn a ENTER KEY in there somewhere ? Also I see a lot of people throwing around the term "class action " I wonder if more then half of them even know what that means. I agree with your point however the gaming industry is a total mess. I have the answer on how to fix it completely, DONT BUY ANY GAMES, trust me that will resonate louder then any legal means as most get tossed anyways because people abuse them for the wrong purposes.

I havent pre-order since Skyrim and any DLC I bought was because it come with the game, IE GOTY editions, that kind of thing. Its going to take discipline, which I know it near impossble for most gamers as most of them come from a ME ME ME style of life where everything is fast, now and me!

"anyone else has ever given much thought to a class action lawsuit against companies that KNOWINGLY release games that don't work"

Not going to happen. Most EULAs prevent class action lawsuits like the one you're proposing people to do.

Agreed with DeadFall. I only read the first sentence of OPs wall o' text and didn't bother with the rest for lack of formatting.

I agree that the lack of polish is going down the drain. I just avoid and buy something else if I the game is a mess. Voting with our wallets is the worst that could happen and believe me, that's really bad for them.

[quote user="Kanaye x"]I only read the first sentence of OPs wall o' text and didn't bother with the rest for lack of formatting.[/quote]

China called, they want their wall back.


Games releasing unfinished is flat out crap.  Can anyone imaging this happening back in the 4th, 5th, or even 6th console generations?  

This is completely unacceptable to me.  The only reason they are doing it, is because they can do it.  And we the consumers allow it buy purchasing the game the day it releases.  I am guilty of this myself.  But as of late, I have waited for the game to be fixed completely before playing it.

The model release broken, patch on the go is not acceptable. The only way we can make stand is with our wallet's.  Don't buy the game new, and wait for the game to be fixed before playing it.  They will know it then.

Just because you can fuel a plane mid flight does not mean you should let it take off on empty.  

With that said, this was a brutal read.  

I usually wait for reviews and YouTube vids etc before deciding to grab a game, but occasionally i dive in head first and pre-order a title without a moments notice! *cough* Fallout 4 *cough* ;)

Never studied law in school but I know if enough people have legitimate grounds for a dispute a lawsuit can be looked into. Whether it succeeds or not is subjective. If you are looking to get a payout then you are not going to be successful but if you can get a judge to rule that is illegal to charge people for something that doesn't work then maybe gamers can have a little hope.

Developers are making huge profits by not thoroughly testing these games and rushing their releases. I mean I still can't remember when "DLC" started but its a little suspicious for a game to have dlc announcements a day after the release. Instead of adding it in with the original purchase you have spend another 15-20 bucks. I never do unless like someone stated earlier its comes with the game but come on.

It comes down to the consumer getting ripped off by a bunch of con artists and we have no way of fighting back. Not buying games isn't going to work be realistic. The majority of the games are bought with other peoples (parents/grandparents) money so those types of gamers could careless.  

I still dislike gearbox for that.

Gut: If you have a bone to pick with DLC, a separate, optional and completely valid business model, that's fine and all, but you're comparing apples and oranges here.

Gearbox lol some of the biggest scammers in the industry, Randy Pitchford is the very prime example of snake-oil salesman. That man is nothing but wind and air IMO and I wouldnt trust him as far as I could throw him.