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For the past few days Ive been having issues downloading some games onto my Xbox 360  both in live gold and market place, after speaking with the techs in live chat a few times and jumping all the hoops it was still not working sometimes the download would get as high as 13% done while other times it stuck at 0%  I tried all the normal suggestions like clearing the cache 3 times, hard rebooting (unplugging waiting and reconnecting the power)  downloading demo games change where the games that were not working were being placed on the hard drive, removing and downloading my profile etc  nothing worked.

most everything else downloaded just fine the demos and apps had no issues it was only the one game I purchased and the live gold freebee that failed.  The techs were great and I love the support system, but for some reason everything we tried did no good, I must have tried the whole clear cache re install profile, delete incomplete file thing 10+ times to no avail.  I was about to contact support again and try to get a refund etc when I decided Id try one more thing.  

in system, storage, HDD where all the games and other files are stored you may see a big yellow exclamation point that denotes an incomplete file and you need to delete them to make the space useful again as well as allow the xbox to try again while I was doing this for the 10+ time I decided to do a little spring cleaning I removed many saved game info files to a usb and went through and deleted game and App I felt did not need to be stored anymore, the harddrive was far from full in fact there was over 60gig left but I cleaned it up anyway.  when I was done I had over 80gig of free space.   

I then went back to Xbox market and tried the download again (in this case it was need for speed hot pursuit it was one of only two that kept failing everything else was fine so I clicked "download again" but was not holding my breath  for the first time in some time it started showing  actual progress 1% then 2 then 3 and so on I left and came back and low and behold it was at 35%  I was stoked because usually if an xbox download passes 25% its probably going to work.  After about 20-30 minutes   I checked and it was not on the active downloads  my heart fell as I went ot storage to see the incomplete file icon but to my surprise there wasn't one in its place was the game icon for NFS hot pursuit.  

finally after 3 days of messing around it had worked,   I suspect it was because I built upon the tips from the Xbox techs in deleting and moving a bunch of files this totally changed where the game would be downloaded onto the hard drive and in doing so the xbox was not stuck in a perpetual loop of failure, simply downloading a few demos was apparently not enough of a difference to fool the xbox it required a bigger gap between the failed space and the fresh download.  

While the 2-3 demo cache clear method works for 90% of users it does not work for everyone and can be very frustrating, especially if everything else downloads error free except the file you really desire.    Im posting this (hopefully in the right place)  just incase someone else is ripping out their hair because the normal method fails to work for them. 


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I'd just like to add that this is possibly a sign that your hard drive is on its way to failing. If that's the case then you should be looking at replacing the hard drive at your next available opportunity. It's usually a bad sector or a scratch on the platter. The Xbox 360's HDD management isn't as sophisticated as that of a PC so it can't really deal with these sorts of problems.

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