In what order should I do the DLC's?

I am Level 47, just killed Krom, on my 2nd playthrough. After I beat the story, in what order should I do the 4 DLC's?


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A few pages over, I found this.



Knoxx (strongest enemies)


more nothing

build a house

plant a tree

raise some kids


I would at least play General Knox before Claptrap's revolution story wise, but Mad Moxxi's underdome and Dr. Zed's are just added DLC to shoot things.

I Did.

1. Zombie Island of Doctor. Ned

2. Secret Armory of Genral Knoxx

3. CL4P TP Robolution.

The best way to do Moxxi is, create a new character then carry on the main story until you hit level 15! Then go to the underdome and do it on online with an open lobby and you will occasionally get level 61-69's joining and they will basically do it all for you :)

Moxxi's is annoying so try and get a few friends who with stick with you throughout!