In Tag Mode, how do I select my other character?

I have both Cyrax and Sektor as my chosen fighters. I am going for the Achievement where I use them both for the Arcade Ladder mode. I can't select Sektor. I've been fighting a majority of my fights with Cyrax but I would like to fight as Sektor so I can learn how to fight with his character as well.


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LB. If you didn't know this, I personally would highly recommend going into tag practice for a bit. And learn the buttons and moves, press start and go to "moves" and it will show all the buttons and its functions.

Thanks Matt. I did try Practice but got stuck on the Power Kombo with X, A, and Y. I posted about it here somewhere. I was stuck on that part for 5 minutes before giving up on the tutorial. I did complete the fatality tutorial.

Not the tutorial, practice should be underneath fatality tutorial. and then Tag practice underneath that. Allowing you to fight the dummy opponent as you please :)

You can also tag in your teammate by pressing Background Punch and Background Kick.(Y+B)

How do you play a game w/o pressing all the buttons at least once?

My cousin was a week into Fallout 3 before he even knew about VATS

Left Bumper is by default the quick tag in button