In preparation for SR3...

Anyone up for a playthrough of SR2?  Possibly to get some of the "Complete all the ______ Diversions" achievements or just for fun.  Please be mature, older and have a mic.  If anyone is up for it, message me on Xbox. :D


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I tried but I just cant play for SR2 for that long.  Plus, I will not play games like this around my son.  So I wait till he goes to bed, by then I only want to play 30min or so.

I'm interested, got a funny functional mike, though my hours can be a tad erratic.  Always keen for some co-op though =)

I intend to replay Saints Row 2 (and hopefully get some of those last remaining achievements), sometime next month and until Saints Row The Third comes out (I'll be getting Xmen Destiny at the beginning of October), so I'll be wanting to get back into the Saints mindset. I have all DLC, but my mic isn't 100% (due to a frayed cable). Soon as I get it replaced, I'm down for co-op.