IN NEED OF: King's Suit and Men's Masquerade Outfit

Send a f/r my way - I have tons of money - even if I can simply borrow it for the achievement and trade it back... I will pay you ^_^

I'll be on all todayy


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If youve got the chefs hat ill give it back and you can have both sets im just wanting the cheevo.

i am in need of both these sets as well. maybe we can work something out

so to get the clothing achievement i need trade online like the weapon achievents? or can i  find all clothing in my world?

FR me. I need Womens Masquerade outfit and Queens outfit

where can i  find a list of clothes to know what am i missing ?

Here's a list of what you need.

If you play as a prince, you'll need the queens outfit and the female Masquerade  outfits plus the chefs hat. If you play as female, you will be missing the Kings outfit and male Masquerade outfit and the chefs hat.(sometimes called the cooks hat).

The chefs hat is hard to find unless you have the understone DLC.

There's a house that has the hat in the basement.

You can play as male through 1 game and start another game and play as female to get the other.

Then you just have to set up another profile on xbox( Gold account not needed, but you'll need a second controller too ) to trade the clothes. Also you can get more weapons like this too.

However it's much easier just to trade with others like the weapons.

ty Cpt.

I just need the kings outfit send me a fr