In love with game, but need to squad up!

I finally got a chance to play the Beta for a couple hours today. Holy crap! I'm impressed. Minus the glitches which I expect to get sorted out for the final release, this game seems to have everything about it that I've wanted a long time. Proper reload animations, the clip+1 bullet system, firing modes, actually having animations for vaulting, prone, crouch, and knifing. Great graphics for a console game (I hold this and Crysis 2 to being the best 360 games graphically, love the lighting) An awesome unlock tree (just checked the Battlelog [only a little upset since the M39 EMR will be a Recon weapon and not all kits, I'm a huge M14 EBR fan and the M39 is basically an accurized version of the M14, but I guess that makes sense]). I'm so happy I preordered the game months ago. Unfortunately I won't get too many chances to play as soon as the game releases, but will over time (the downsides to being an engineering major and in ROTC).

The biggest disadvantage though (and advantage) is the squad system. It is the biggest reason I never got into BC2 (that and I already had an FPS at the time). A good squad will murder the opposition while having a bad squad is so annoying. Communication is key, and of course Xbox LIVE usually doesn't consist of much communication. The only person that talked today online was some annoying kid who shouldn't even have been playing (he was singing). Heck, even something simple like spreading out the classes is huge (especially since BF3 has squad specializations in later unlocks).

I cleaned up my friends list significantly a while back only leaving actual friends and close gaming friends (leaving me with 15 peope total). So, I'd love to add more people that hopefully I would be able to regularly play Battlefield 3 with and get some good squads going. I'm not sure what classes I'd go for. At the moment, I love assualt (because of the ability to revive and heal) however I want that M39 (and the ability to actually remove the scope is awesome, essentially making it a Battle Rifle) so maybe a Recon too (and no, not the annoying in the distance sniping and not helping type). I don't suck either, lol. Actually starting to get the hang of it, been top 3 quite a bit and number 1 once.

So if you are interested please send me a friend request and message that it is for Battlefield 3 (I hate random friend requests so it helps to know if is for BF3). Actually, I'm about to jump back on to the beta so if you want to play now (Saturday 6:30pm CST) that'd be awesome too! See you on the Battlefield! (< c wut I did ther)


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i want a great squad too i'm english speaking and play from italy

send me FR and team up to kill every dumbass in our way :P:P

Wow, my 2 month old thread is necro'd and gets more response now then back then :/

Add me if ya want.

Hey guys, just the type of post I've been looking for.  Send me a FR, my actual gamertag is:  ANTxMAN  I can't log into the forums with my GT for some reason.  But yeah, looking for someone to play with as well, sick of MW3, only reason why I don't stick with BF3 is because I have no one to play with.  Hit me up people!!

I'm going to send the both of you requests. I need Friends for battlefield 3 that ACTUALLY work as a team and also have mics. It makes the game twice as good and what it is meant to be!

I would like to join you sounds fun!

I sent u a friend request

Glad your enjoying the game, it needs more positive feedback as it's being unfairly panned in my opinion. Although I do much prefer the PS3 version, sorry guys!