In-game use of actual songs

I'm probably not the only one here who loved how Treyach used actual songs during some of the campaign missions. It's probably difficult to find good songs for this and the right places to add them but it is far better than just listening to another Michael Bay soundtrack. It would be nice if more games started doing this.

Coming from a huge CCR fan, the first time I heard Fortunate One in the Ke Sahn level was awesome.


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Isn't "Paint it Black" by the Stones in there as well? I love that song.

There's also "Sympathy for the Devil" on the Nuketown Easter egg.

Sympathy for the Devil is also in the campaign. I don't think Paint it black is though.

Doing that mission on veteran sucked because the song repeated itself as soon as you died...

I think I heard the opening bongo drums to that song about 40 times.

I liked all the songs I hope they do it in MW3