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Black Ops had the option to turn off the in game music, which I loved.  Why doesn't MW3 have this option?  There is only the only a game volume which is absolutely pointless because I can just turn down the volume on my sound system. I didn't think that this would annoy me as much as it does and I know that my gripe will just fall on deaf ears but I need to vent my frustration.  Maybe, JUST MAYBE, some one from Infinity Ward is listening.


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MW2 also included the option,it's annoying to say the least.

Pretty damn lazy of them imo.

nit picking imo

I think they got lazy on this for some reason. I especially liked the option to turn it off because in S&D the music would get crazy loud when there was one person left. It annoys the crap out of me when I am trying to listen for signs of where the enemy is and all I can hear is dramatic music.

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nit picking imo


Not if you're using a headset.

This game is a glorified turd.