In-game language should not be based on locale, but language setting

I am Dutch and I prefer my games English. Therefore my Xbox settings are: language: English, locale: Netherlands.

But apparently I am the stupid one since I bought Trials Evolution based on the previous game and good online buzz. I accept that I am partly to blame for not firing up the demo and trusting Ubisoft.

The problem? The game is in Dutch and it bothers me to an unreasonable extend. I want my games in English. I chose English on my Xbox so it is my opinion that the game should be in English. But apparently Ubisoft thought it was a good idea to use the locale setting to pick the language.

How come this is not a TCR? Seems like a pretty obvious one: You, developer, shall use the language setting to select the language.

I haven't played a single minute of the game because it really pisses me off. It feels like a slap in the face every time I see the menus.


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What region did you set for your profile? United States or Netherlands?

I like to know too.

I agree wholeheartedly with you.

I am actually a english native speaker who also lives in Holland and found it absolutely dreadful how certain games are translated based on locale and not on prefered language.

I noticed Ubisoft especially does this with its games and its quite pathetic in Splinter Cell Conviction the dutch translations they use.

Ubisofts fails on this point.

So wait, are you able to get some games to play in English?   I thought file sizes might prevents them from being about to put English audio files on the disc.   But if other games have be able to do it, you'd wounder why every game wouldn't.   Especially, since English is so widely spoken.