In game chat with kinect?

Does in game chat work with kinect. I hear people, but no one can hear me. Am I missing something?

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only in parties I think.

Kinect doesn't work as a mic on Ghosts. I know it does for sure work as a mic in parties and on Killer Instinct.

it worked fine on bf4, and I can hear others in ffa in ghosts that are using a kinect for a mic.  Do you have use mic option on in the kinect setup menu?

Check to be sure kinect chat is enabled, and be sure game chat isn't blocked in your settings. I haven't played yet but somebody past this on to me on another forum.

I don't hear them in my headsets (Turtle Beaches px5's). I have the kinect chat set to on and only hear the game sound in my headsets....Don't know how to get it to work...tried everything...

I can now hear people talk in my headsets but can't use the chat...Guess we'll all be waiting for Ms and the manufacturers to make adapters...Really, really sad they didn't have them made already..But Turtle Beach went ahead and made 2 new headsets for the xbox 1...Thanks Turtle Beach, we really appreciate you not helping the people that already has your products.......

mee too. I can hear people during game..but nobody can hear me. I turn on all privacy setting..but none.


Ghosts doesn't support in game chat through the Kinect. Other games do (BF4 for example), but Ghosts does not. This is not an error with your Kinect device. You can switch to party chat and use the Kinect that way, but game chat is not supported with the Kinect in Ghosts. Hopefully they will have a patch of some sort to take care of this, at least until some viable headsets become available.