In Celebration of the Holidays

With Christmas coming up, I thought it would be nifty to start a forum where other xbox live gamers could come up with a jingle or ode about their favorite games. The only reason Im doing this is to fight boredom; so here's a Christmas jingle I call Ode to GTA V that I came up with when Lazerpancake wrecked his chopper.

"Racing through the streets, with a glock beside my seat. I have a nasty plan, for the brat who stole my van. Daughter's getting laid, my son is doing crack; Im gonna kill the mailman with a metal baseball bat. Ooh, jingle bells; Hitler smells, police are on the way. Lazer's chopper lost it's rotor and the bomb dropped in the bay."


It doesnt have to be three pages long or anything special, but if youre in a holiday spirit and have a sense of humor then name the game and leave a ditty.


"He knows when you are sleeping, he knows when youre awake. He knows whether your ship is good or if it's just dead weight. You better watch out, you better not cry; you better not pout Im tellin you why. Blackbeards gonna plunder your town."


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This is a nice topic. I not good like you op in this Christmas funny song.  But I heard of some when growing up. But what I want for Christmas. is a lot cool games. So I can not have to be bored being of 2014. I want it to be compostable like how this year started.

Sure, why not...


"Christmas is coming,

My cats are getting fat

I don't want an Xbox Beta

'Cause I'll have to take it back.


If you haven't got some patience,

Enough patience for two,

Better stick with something easier,

And save $500 too."

Christmas is coming,

and I can't wait

if I see an XBOX ONE under the tree

I'm going to feel great

Some say the XBOX ONE is expensive

For a $500 dollar beta

But all I see

Is another XBOX hate ah

Christmas is coming.

The Execs are getting fat.

Please put an Xbox One in this person's hat.

If you haven't got a One then a PS4 will do.

If you haven't got a PS4, then stick your Wii U.

Christmas is here and Xbox is great,

The coming years will determine its fate,

Whether for good or bad is unknown,

Though the PS4 won't be taking its throne,

So let's all give thanks for MS is grand,

And Praise MS across the land


Dedicated to No Boundz who seems to have disappeared.






Jingle bells

Fanboys smell

Battlefield laid an egg.

The Xbox One

Is not yet done

Patches on the way.

Deck the halls with Bowser's holly.

To anyone still checking my thread, this is a pre-made I did months ago. My rendition of "The Twelve Halo's of Christmas"

"On the twelveth day of Christmas my true love gave to me; Twelve Omega Spartans, Eleven Pelican drops, Ten cloaking shields, Nine energy swords, Eight spartan lasers, Seven battle rifles, Six rpg's, Fiiive shotgun shells! Four hand grenades, Three plasma pistols, Two Scorpions, and a Scarab standin over a pear tree.