IMS Killstreak

From my understanding of this killstreak, four "bouncing betties" shoot up and go straight towards the enemy, my only problem is I feel like if I put it in a small room with walls everywhere, the explosives will hit either the ceiling or the walls constantly, yet if I leave it out in the open outside somewhere I feel it's very noticeable and easy to pick off before being within close range, where's the best ideal location to place this killstreak? Thanks in advance


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I've had them destroyed often, but I dont think I have ever had one miss the target.

Its like they chase the enemy down following them throughthe door..

By the same token, I have never been able to outrun/maneuver one.

Well obviously they are easier to spot than a claymore yet people still run into them.. I would say placing them around corners of popular buildings or other high traffic areas are the best bet. If you play objective modes it couldn't hurt to place it on those.

I love the I.M.S, gets me loads of defensive points, sticking them by flags in domination. Other than that just place them around corners of high traffic ares.

Definitely somewhere outside without good direct lines of sight.  Placing it in rubble or between broken cars is good as well, anything to make it more difficult to spot.